Acquisition of Land and Building

Duty on the acquisition of land and building rights A transfer of land and building rights will typically also give rise to Duty on the acquisition of land and building rights (Bea Pengalihan Hak atas Tanah dan Bangunan/BPHTB) liability for the party receiving or obtaining the rights. Qualifying land and building rights transfers include sale-purchase… Read More

Tax on Transfer of Land and Building

A transfer of land and building will cause income tax on the deemed gain on the transfer/ sale to be charged to the transferor (seller). The tax is set at 5% of the gross transfer value (tax base). However, for transfers of simple houses and simple apartments conducted by taxpayers engaged in a property development… Read More

Land and Building Tax

Land and building tax (Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan/PBB) is a type of property tax chargeable on all land and/or buildings, unless exempted. The negative list setting out land and buildings not subject to PBB includes those:  Used simply for public interest in the areas of religious and social affairs, health, education and national culture, and… Read More

Sale of Land and Building

Final tax at 5% is generally imposed on corporate taxpayers, while transfer of basic houses (rumah sederhana) and basic apartments (rumah susun sederhana) by a taxpayer whose main business is to engage in transfer of land and buildings is subject to 1% final tax. Transfer duty of 5% is payable by the purchaser (See ―Land… Read More