The success of tax planning will lead o the success of financial management. A company could minimize its tax expense if it understands tax treatment properly. We UTAMA CONSULTING  as a business & tax consulting firm will assist your taxation planning from the early phase of getting idea of setting up a new venture to mature and well established companies. To maximize our service to special needs of our clients, our services cover the following areas:

 General Tax Consultation

When a client needs advice regarding specific tax laws and regulations, we are here to help. As consultants, we prepare both written and verbal communications and provide our views and interpretations of relevant government rules and regulations such as corporate income tax, employee income tax, expatriate taxation, personal income tax, value added tax, withholding tax, transfer pricing. The consultation can be conducted through mail, facsimile, email, teleconference, or face to face meeting with our consultants.

Tax Compliance Service

As filing monthly tax returns can be a tricky business, this service provides necessary tools for concise processing of monthly and/or routine tax documents in compliance with all relevant tax laws. We empower our client’s in-house financial team to prepare accurate and timely reports. Once the standards and procedures are in place, we continue to supervise and review monthly compliance documents.

We can prepare and/or review your monthly and annual employee income tax returns, monthly VAT return, monthly withholding tax return, annual corporate income tax returns.

Tax Audit Assistance

Tax Audit Assistance is a service of assisting and representing our clients during a tax audit.  OMNI is available around the clock for private consultation during a tax audit. We gather, compile, review and file all relevant documents, and represent clients to tax auditors, explaining tax jargons in layman’s language. We interpret any corrections deemed necessary by the Tax Auditors, prepare answers and counter argument against tax auditor findings until an assessment letter of tax verification has been obtained.

Effective management of tax audits requires both experience with the tax audit process and relationships throughout the Tax Office in order to settle issues.  We are experienced in dealing with tax officials and we can assist you in preparing for a tax audit, in handling queries from tax officer, and in arguing proposed tax assessments.

Tax Cases Assistance

It is assistance on special tax cases such as assistance on objection against the official tax assessment letter. In the case of the tax payer suffers an unfair tax treatment and bears inappropriate tax burden, the tax payer has a chance to file an application for correction, reconsideration, objection of an incorrect tax assessment to the tax authority.

We will assist our client to prepare and lodge a letter of objection to the tax authority.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a set of planning in taxation area in order to improve efficiency of tax management, get the best alternative for legal tax saving, ensure the tax refund obtaining, set up taxation budget. The goals of Tax Planning are to minimize the tax burden and to maximize the company’s growth.

A company could minimize its tax burden if it understands the tax treatment properly, such as the inter company transaction, merger, loan, selection of depreciation method, treatment of exchange rate disparity, capital gain, benefit in kind. Improper accounting treatment will give impact on company’s tax obligation, which eventually will reduce the net profit and shareholder’s wealth.

We identify the best possible tax and implement optimum tax solutions alternatives with the primary goal of maximizing our client’s tax savings (or minimize their tax problems) by providing sound tax advice

Tax Due Diligence Review

Tax Due Diligence is intended to evaluate the feasibility of the financial information presented on Tax Returns and the likely issues and the exposures that the company may have. Tax issues have a dramatic effect on a company’s bottom line. OMNI can prepare independent company tax reviews based on a diagnostic check of our client’s books and record to determine if all rules and regulations have been complied with, and to look for additional ways of maximizing tax savings. Our service consists of reviewing the company’s tax compliance, identifying potential tax exposures and action plan to be taken in order to minimize the company’s tax exposures. Our review service will cover analysis all of company’s activities that give impact on the company’s tax obligation such as tax compliance, contingencies, aggressive positions, transfer pricing, tax attributes and tax losses, VAT and withholding tax exposures.

Tax Due Diligence Review can reduce your tax exposures and increase your tax efficiency.

Tax Litigation

In the case of the tax payer has filed an application for correction, reconsideration, objection of an incorrect tax assessment to the tax authority and the tax payer does not satisfy with the Objection Decision issued by the tax authority, the tax payer has a chance to appeal to the Tax Court. The Tax Court is required to finalize an appeal within 12 months of receiving the appeal letter.

We will act as your tax attorney to deal with the cases in the Tax Court.

Tax Refund

When our Clients inadvertently overpay government taxes, we fight for their rights for a timely refund. We deal directly with the Tax Office and the State treasury department, and campaign until the refund has been realized

Year-end Tax Returns

We process compulsory year-end tax returns for all our clients, and when coupled with one or more of our other services, year-end filings are virtually hassle-free. We prepare and file corporate and employee salary year-end tax returns.

Tax Administration

It is a service of assisting the company in handling its tax administration issues such as the registration and revocation of Tax ID Number ( NPWP ), proposal for centralization of VAT administration, proposal for bookkeeping in foreign language and currency.

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