Medical Equipment and Supplies

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and it relies heavily on imported medical equipment and supplies. This sector continues to present excellent opportunities for U.S. companies. Total imports of medical equipment grew from $508 million in 2009 to $543 million in 2010, with U.S. imports accounting for 20 percent of this market. (Note: figures in “Imports from the U.S.” above may be understated as many U.S. importers import through Singapore intermediaries). Continued strong growth for this market is predicted over the next two years. Other countries vying for market share in the medical equipment and supplies include Japan, Germany, China, Korea, and the United Kingdom. Companies from China and Korea provide the greatest challenge to U.S. firms as they offer low-priced equipment. Therefore, while quality and after-sales service are essential elements, it is also important to price competitively.

Life support equipment such as ventilators, anesthesia equipment, patient monitoring equipment, electro-medical equipment, ultrasonic scanning machines, diagnostic equipment, and disposable products.

Indonesia relies heavily on import of medical equipment and supplies and offers an excellent opportunity for U.S. manufacturers. In Indonesia, U.S., European and U.K. products are widely regarded as top quality and due to a favorable Rupiah/Dollar exchange rate, Indonesian distributors are increasingly buying U.S. products over their European and U.K. counterparts. To gain market share, U.S. companies need to aggressively pursue the Indonesian market, competing on price as well as quality and after-sale service. Financing options to distributors and end purchasers will also assist in accessing the market and increasing market share.

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