The Investment Board

The Investment Board (Badan Penanaman Modal or shortly known as “BPM”) is assigned to assist Indonesian Government in handling the foreign / domestic investment matters in Indonesia. In general, BPM among others has the following functions:

  • To formulate investment policies and convey them to the President of the Republic of Indonesia for approval.
  • To coordinate investment planning, both sectoral and regional, and synchronizing the said planning into an integrated plan in the framework of Law No. 1 Year 1967 and Law No. 6 Year 1968 and in the framework of the regulation beyond the law on investments.
  • To draw up periodically a list of business sectors for investment as a guideline for the development on investment sectors with account being taken of the opinions and materials conveyed by relevant ministries/government agencies and Regional Investment Board.
  • To present the said list of business sectors for investment referred to in (c) to the President in order that they may be stipulated in a presidential decree.
  • To gear the spread of the said investment activities in regions in conformity with the policies on development.
  • To carry out assessment and development activities in the framework of providing the broadest information on investment projects.
  • To establish communications and carry out promotions with and provide information to investors in particular and the business community in general.
  • To evaluate applications for investments in accordance with the prevailing policies and stipulations on investments.
  • To issue on behalf of the minister fostering the business sectors for investment concerned in the framework of the enforcement of Law No. 1 Year 1967 and Law No. 6 Year 1968, licenses and implementation decisions on investments in accordance with the delegation of authority from the Minister concerned.
  • To undertake fostering and counseling and provide guidelines on problem solving in order that the implementation of investment projects may run smoothly.
  • To undertake supervision over implementation of investment projects already approved by the government in cooperation with Regional Investment Board and relevant ministries/government institutes so that it shall be in with prevailing licensing and laws and impose sanctions in the case of deviations.

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