Tax on land and building transfer

A transfer of rights to land and building will give rise to income tax on the deemed gain on the transfer/sale to be charged to the transferor (seller). The tax is set at 2.5% of the gross transfer value (tax base). However, for transfers of simple houses and simple apartments conducted by taxpayers engaged in a property development business, the tax rate is 1%. This tax must be paid by the time the rights to land and building are transferred to the transferee. All the tax paid constitutes a final tax.

In general, the tax base is the higher of the transaction values stated in the relevant land and building right transfer deed and Sale and Purchase Binding Agreement (Perjanjian Pengikatan Jual Beli) based on actual transaction value or amount that should have been received. However, in a transfer to the government, the tax base is the amount officially stipulated by the government officer in question in the relevant document. In a government-organised auction, the gross transfer value is the value stipulated in the relevant deed of auction.

A notary is prohibited from signing a transfer of rights deed until the income tax has been paid in full.

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