Duty on the acquisition of land and building rights

A transfer of land and building rights will typically also give rise to duty on the acquisition of land and building rights (Bea Pengalihan Hak atas Tanah dan Bangunan/BPHTB) liability for the party receiving or obtaining the rights. BPHTB is also a part of regional taxes which are governed under PDRD Law. Qualifying land and building rights transfers include sale-purchase and trade-in transactions, grants, inheritances, contributions to a corporation, rights separations, buyer designation in an auction, the execution of a court decision with full legal force, business mergers, consolidations, expansions, and prize deliveries.

BPHTB is based on the Tax Object Acquisition Value (Nilai Perolehan Objek Pajak/NPOP), which in most cases is the higher of the market (transaction) value or the NJOP of the land and building rights concerned. The tax due on a particular event is determined by applying the applicable duty rate (5%) to the relevant NPOP, minus an allowable non-taxable threshold. The non-taxable threshold amount varies by region: the minimum is Rp. 60 million, except in the case of an inheritance, for which starts from Rp. 300 million. The government may change the non-taxable threshold via regulation.

BPHTB is typically due on the date that the relevant deed
of land and building right transfer is signed before a public notary. In a business merger, consolidation, or expansion, the duty is due on the date of signing of the merger, consolidation or expansion act. In an auction, the duty is due on the date of signing date of the Auction Report by the authorised officer.

A notary is prohibited from signing a deed transferring rights until the BPHTB has been paid.

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