Corporate Tax Facilities

Companies investing in certain business sectors and/ or in certain less developed regions having high priority on a national scale can be granted tax facilities in the form of:
·    Additional net income reduction, up to a maximum of 30% of the amount of investment;
·    Accelerated depreciation and amortization;
·    The period of loss carry forward being extended up to ten years; and
·    Income tax on dividend as mentioned in Income Tax Law Article 26 at 10%, unless the relevant tax treaty stipulates a lower rate.
Taxpayers making a new investment in a pioneer industry, but are not entitled to any tax facilities under Article 31A of the Income Tax Law (as mentioned in the above paragraph), can now obtain exemption or reduction of income tax as mentioned in Article 18(5) of the Investment Law No. 25 Year 2007. The said pioneer industry shall be industries possessing a broad connection, giving added value and high externality, introducing new technology, as well as possessing strategic values for the national economy.



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