Main Personal Relief

Annual non-taxable income (Penghasilan Tidak Kena Pajak/ PTKP) for resident individuals are as follows: Rp. Taxpayer 15,840,000   Spouse   1,320,000   Each dependant (max. of 3)   1,320,000   Occupational expenses (5% of gross income, max. Rp. 500,000/month) 6,000,000   Employee contribution to Jamsostek for old age security savings (2% of gross income) Full… Read More

Non Taxable Income

Non-Taxable Income (applies to corporate and individual taxpayers) The law specifies a number of categories of income that are exempted from tax. These are: ·     Aid, donations, zakat, religious donations or gifts received, provided there is no business, work, or ownership relationship between the parties concerned; ·     Inheritances; ·     Dividends received by… Read More