Trade Promotion and Advertising

Advertising in local media and newspapers is recommended for introducing new products, particularly in areas of purchasing power concentration, such as Jakarta and West Java. In January 2011, the prices quoted for a display regular full color 184 mm x 270 mm ad ranged from $2,500 to $15,000 in five prestigious daily newspapers. In those same newspapers, the same black and white ad ranged from $2,000 to $10,000.

A listing of the major and recommended newspapers and business journals (in the Indonesian language, except where noted) follow below. Website addresses are provided when available.

Newspapers (dailies):

  • Bisnis Indonesia (
  • Jakarta Globe (English) (
  • Jakarta Post (English) (
  • International Herald Tribune (English) (
  • Kompas (
  • Kontan (

Media Indonesia (

  • Republika (
  • Seputar Indonesia (
  • Suara Pembaruan (
  • Tempo ( & The Wall Street Journal Asia (English) (

News magazines:

  • Gatra (Weekly) (
  • Globe Asia (Monthly) (
  • Tempo (Weekly, (Indonesian and English) ( Trust (Weekly) (
  • Warta Ekonomi (Twice a week) (

Business Journals:

  • Financial Times (Daily, English)
  • The Asian Wall Street Journal (Daily, English)
  • Eksekutif (Monthly) (
  • Indochemical (Monthly, English and Indonesian) (
  • Indocommercial (Monthly, English and Indonesian) (
  • The Economist (Weekly, English)
  • Indonesian Commercial Newsletter (Monthly, English and Indonesian) (
  • Info Bank (Monthly) (
  • Kontan (Weekly) (
  • Swasembada (Monthly) (

In most cases, direct mail advertising is efficient and effective, if the mailing lists are properly prepared and updated. Local advertising agencies can also assist in arranging films, slides, and posters and signboards for bus exteriors, bus stop shelters, and bridges.

Television has so far been the best medium for national coverage and the one that reaches the most consumers. Television advertising has grown rapidly and surpassed newspaper advertising in dollars spent since 1992. Indonesia has ten commercial television stations (ANTV, Indosiar, Global TV, RCTI, SCTV, MNC TV, Metro TV, Trans TV, Trans 7 and TV-One) and one state-owned station (TVRI).

Spending on advertisements shot up 20 percent to Rp62 trillion (US$ 6.88 million) in 2010 from Rp48.5 trillion in the previous year with television stations as the largest beneficiary, receiving 62 percent of advertisements, followed by newspapers which accounted for 35 percent of ad spending.

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