Immigration and Employment

Permanent Residence
Indonesia wants to attract people whose business, entrepreneurial, trade or professional skills will contribute to its economic growth.

Labour Management Relations
Labor contacts are common, and typically cover employees who enter a firm within a certain time period. Contracts can be renewed for one to three years. Collective bargaining is typically conducted at the company level if a union represents or gains the approval of at least 51% of the workforce. Labor disputes are addressed by a special provincial-level Commercial Court.

Indonesia issues a range of different classes of visa depending on the purpose of a foreigner’s visit. Short visit visas valid for 60 days may be issued on arrival at an official entry point to passport holders from most developed and neighboring countries. The passport’s validity should be at least six months.

The Following are types of visa recognized in Indonesia:

  • Transit Visa
  • Transit Visa on Arrival
  • Visit Visa
  • Visit Visa on Arrival
  • Collective Visit Visa
  • Multiple Journey Business Visa
  • Limited Stay Visa.

Work Permits
All foreigners planning to work in Indonesia must obtain a work permit an addition to a KITA visa. Work permits are issued by the Department of Manpower approximately concurrently with the VITAS visa. The BKPM will approve a certain number of positions for expatriates as contained in the investment application.

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