Judicial Review Requests to the Supreme Court

A Tax Court Decision is considered to be a final decision with full legal force. However, the parties involved in a tax dispute may file a Judicial Review Request (Peninjauan Kembali/PK) on a Tax Court Decision with the Supreme Court. This can be done only if any of the following conditions prevail:

1. The Decision has been based on a perjury, a deception, or false evidence on the part of the opposing party;

2. A piece of important written evidence is found which, had it been considered previously, would have led to a different Decision;

3. Some part of the claim has been ignored without reason;

4. Something which was not demanded was granted;

5. The Decision is clearly inconsistent with prevailing tax regulations..

A Judicial Review Request must be filed with the Supreme Court within an allowable request time limit. For conditions 1 and 2, the time limit is three months after the condition is identified. For conditions 3, 4 and 5, the time limit is three months after the Tax Court decision.

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