Luxury-goods Sales Tax

In addition to VAT, deliveries or imports of certain manufactured taxable goods may be subject to Luxury-goods Sales Tax (LST). A particular item will only attract LST once,

i.e., tax will be charged either on importation of the good or on delivery by the (resident) manufacturer to another party.

LST must be accounted for every month together with VAT. The importer or the manufacturer of the goods is held responsible for the settlement of the LST.

A summary of the indicative LST rates is set out below. It should be noted that the inclusion of a particular item in the summary does not necessarily mean that the item will always be subject to LST. Whether or not the particular item is subject to LST depends on other factors, including capacity, size, or price.

To ascertain whether or not a particular item is subject to LST and to identify the LST rate, reference should be made to the Customs Book using the relevant harmonised system (HS) code.

According to the VAT & LST Law, the LST rate may be increased up to 200%, however currently the LST rates are between 10% to 125%.

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